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With effect from 15 Feb 2006, our lease for Jurong Animal Quarantine Station will be expired and all animals will be relocated to Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station at 10 Lorong Chencharu Singapore 769197, which will be managed by the authority, AVA.

The Pet Hotel will still provide the import handling and clearance services. For more information, please send your enquires to our e-mail address

The Pet Hotel has been in the pet industry for more than 10 years. We know what your pet is going through during the stressful period of quarantine. Hence, we have designed a very effective program for all our "guest". This program includes careful monitoring by the veterinarian, kennel manager and our 24hr kennel staff. Yes! There will be somebody to take care of your precious one 24hrs a day!
With exception of animals from UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, all pets entering Singapore must go through a minimum 30 day quarantine period. This is a basic requirement imposed by the AVA regardless of your pet's history, vaccination status or rabies blood titre.

Give us a call at (65)-626-20013 or send us a mail and we'll handle all the necessary documentation and arrangements needed for your pet to arrive in Singapore safely and easily.

Quarantine FAQ Click Here.



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